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Hi – if you’re choosing a new flat roof, you’ve got a lot to consider.

  • What kind of roofing system suits your property…and your needs?
  • How will you find a qualified roofer you can really trust?
  • And how will you know if a job is finished to an industry standard?

It’s a challenge, because this industry is plagued by rogue suppliers. Some are plain dishonest, and some are just incompetent. But hire a villain or hire a fool, and your problems are just the same:

Wrong choice of roofing…low grade materials…inexperienced crews…all leading to higher costs, delays and then remedial works.

Result: your life gets put on hold. Your home is turned upside down. Your patience is tested. Your savings are raided.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

I’ve written a short consumer guide, which I’ll mail to you - free of charge. In just a few pages, you’ll see how to choose the roofing system you need, and how to tell if your supplier is the real deal.

Then you can make an informed choice, in your own good time.

You might decide to work with me and my experienced team, or find another reputable roofer – totally up to you. But either way, I hope you’ll start by checking out this guide.

After all, you don’t want to add a flat roof more than once…!

All you have to do is enter your details, and I’ll send your free guide tonight.


Andrew Stace
Managing Director: Stace Roofing Ltd

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It was a pleasure dealing with a Company that provides a highly professional and considerate service. I have received a number of (good) comments regarding the works from neighbours and also a note through the front door - all of whom asked who was carrying the work and for your contact details which I have passed on - I hope you get at least one enquiry from those.

Simon Barnes

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